Friday, December 10, 2010

Long Arrow and the Lost Amulet

When something goes wrong do you try and escape by fantasizing you're someone else? This morning I got home and couldn't find my keys in my pocket.I was going to have to backtrack and try and find it. So .. this is my tale.

Long Arrow sighed with relief as he arrived at the camp. He reached down to touch his amulet for reassurance ...what? Where was his amulet. With a sinking heart he remembered the clinking sound along the trail some miles back .. could he have dropped it?

He was cold and hungry .. but without the amulet, he could not enter his camp that was magically sealed against intruders not bearing one of the amulets.

Steeling his will for the long discouraging journey back, he stripped his gear down to the essentials to make for a lighter trip. He unloaded the goods that he had brought back to the camp and put down the tools and gear he would not need for this trip. Speed was of the essence, lest another warrior or demon spirit come across the amulet and pick it up.

Swiftly but carefully retracing his path, he started his relaxed, ground-eating lope. He tried to visualize where he had heard that sound ..was it where the path approached the Dundas rock?

The miles faded into a blur but With a sinking heart he was fast approaching the Dundas rock and had not yet come across the amulet. He would have to continue his journey further, all the way to the trading post. Perhaps he had dropped it there before loading up for the trip back.

Grimly he tried not to think of the consequences if he could not recover the amulet. Without the amulet, he would have to try and survive until another warrior returned to the camp with an amulet. But all the warriors had left for the day and would not return until nightfall.

The trading post appeared around the bend, and he ran inside. The proprieter asked him "Back again Long Arrow .. did you forget something?"

"I've lost my spirit amulet .. has anyone turned it in?"

"Sorry, we don't have it"

Suddenly Long Arrow felt something brush against his thigh. His amulet! It was caught on a thread from his jersey. Feeling a little foolish he stuffed it into his pocket and prepared for the trip home, but much more lighthearted. The trip would be easy knowing that he would be able to enter the camp at the end.

(although I felt pretty dumb then)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love Holloween

This is for my friend Mark Landsberg :)

Mark -- you don't like me calling it "Holloween"?

the day for phantoms, goblins and creatures unseen?

You say that "hallow" not "hollow" is the appropriate name

I think "hollow's an appropriate term just the same

Cause there's lots of "hollow about the october's end

Pumpkins, chocolate witches, and stomach's on the mend,

So if you feel that "holloween" is difficult to swallow,

Like an overly sweet chocoate coated marshmallow,

Wash it down with a grin and a spicy apple cider,

glass of brandy, or rum, whichever you decide, sir.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I could use a wish right now

I love Hayley Wiliams voice ... and I was listening to "Airplanes" but thinking that he doesn't really need a wish that badly :) So I wrote this.

You don't need a wish cause your rap game is slow
You need a wish when you've got no where to go
No place to turn to and the heat's on you
You've lost your friends and your love for true

You're complaining now cause your life is too soft
You're forgetting what you were, what you've lost and the cost
You haven't lost anything but the suffering and pain
Why you want to remember living on the street in the rain?

If you remember that, you'll remember you don't need a wish
You live in a mansion, beautiful wife who's a dish
You don't want to go back to the life that you left
Or remembering the taste of fear as you fled

So you've lost the music came from the pain and the fears
Now your words have no feel don't leave anyone in tears
But don't reminisce about the good days gone past
If they were so good then why'd you flee so fast

Let the airplanes fly on high fly right on by
Leave the wishes for others whose life is a cry
For help no one answers or cares anyhow
But they really could use a wish now, wish right now

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who you are

i know who you are,
you're my superstar
you can become anything
become anyone
you've got that chameleon groove going
you're my perfect girl
put my head in a whirl
i fulfil your needs
continue to succeed
but we both know the truth
the truth is a lie
words we live by
but the lie becomes the truth
and the truth becomes moot
you fake it for me
perfect girl that you be
and i know it
you bestow it
with deception and faking it
you know you're not taking it
that i'm drawing you in
with a simulation of sin
but the more you fake it
the more you become it
and you know it
and i'm hoping
that you're hoping
that you'll become it for real
we're both going by feel
i want to see you this weekend
you want me to come in
do the things unbelievable
things inconceivable
we'll continue to try
til one of you dies

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Life you Chose

Larry don't leave me, please don't go, don't leave ever
I remember you saying that, holding you promising never
but though you had your chance, you never would change
never understood that, always thought it so strange
you wouldn't do anything, is this the life you wanted?
guess you got what what was coming though your words still haunted
Larry don't leave me, please don't go, don't leave ever
i remember you saying that, holding you promising never.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heartless (Taylor I can't take no mo) .. VMA 2010

Taylor A. Swift wrote a beautiful song "Innocence" for the VMA ... taking the high road. I heard, though that Kanye and a response ready in case it wasn't the classy song it was ...

Heartless (for Taylor version)

In the night i hear 'em talk, the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless?
How could be so heartless?

How could you sing that song
Talkin all about how i did you wrong
Just try and treat me please with a little class
Don't like it when Barack calls me a jackass

I mean after all the shows that we've been through
All the awards and recogition that we got into
Hey yo, you wrote a song to scold me
Hey yo, I did some things but that's the old me

And now you wanna get me back and you gonna show me
So you make up this song singing po me
You got everyone as a friend, nobody know me
Now I'm feeling low just so lonely


How could you be so Dr. Evil?
You bringing out a side of me that I don't know
Why make the audience hate me so
I hear boos and more from every row

Why does she be so mad at me for?
I like Beyonce that was a mistake
It was a live show, couldn't do a retake
I didn't know my life was at stake

You go and sing a song that's dissin me
Now there aint no girls around that are kissin me
Couldn't you wait a month until I release my new CD
So I could get a few plays on the MTV


Talkin' talkin' talkin' talk
Baby please please knock it off
You don't know what I've been through
You don't know what my agent made me do

So please just let it be
Don't keep on hatin me
Leave me in my misery

I know you can't believe
I could just let it be
An you can't make it worse
I been trashed by this curse
I'm gonna try and sing tonight
I'm so tired of this fight


Friday, September 10, 2010

Heart of Mine

I tried to call she said that you're out,
wanted to hear your voice and see what you're about,
what you're about,
I met you somewhere downtown last week,
Stopped for ice cream, danced in the street,
danced in the street,

Can Isee you this weekend,
cause you're the girl, on whom I depend
to make me smile, to make things alright
to be beside me through the long night

If you agree, to meet me there,
wherever you want, anywhere,
I'll be there always, anytime,
go anywhere to be with this heart of mine ,
You're in this heart of mine,
You're in this heart of mine,

Said it was the first time you've hear a crowd roar,
Dancing as if you've sprung wings to soar
I want to show you that there's so much more,
There's so much more,
so much more,

I want to see you so lets get together,
I'm asking you for now, not to be forever,
Just a moment that we can remember,
that we can remember

Can i see you, again this weekend,
cause you're the girl, on whom I depend,
to make me smile, to make things alright,
to be beside me through the long night,
If you agree, to meet me there,
wherever you want, anywhere,
I'll be there always, anytime,
go anywhere to be with this heart of mine,
You're in this heart of mine,
You're in this heart of mine.

I love to see you with your hair down,
and walk together through the town,
I have the hat you left to me,
Does that mean you want to see me,
Am I your love or just a good friend,
I don't care, let's just meet again,
Whether it's fake, or if it's real,
It's wonderful the way you make me feel.

Can i see you this weekend,
cause you're the girl, on whom I depend,
To make me smile, to make things alright,
to be beside me through the long night,
If you agree, to meet me there,
wherever you want, anywhere ,
I'll be there always, anytime,
go anywhere to be with this heart of mine,
You're in this heart of mine,
You're in this heart of mine.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Way life is

I gave her my hoodie to wear
to show that I care
But her cousin dropped bleach on it
couldn't stand the sight of it
Nothing good enough for my girl
but that someone wants to tear it down
Her cousin always shared as if she cared
but who called the cops on her
the night before she was going to come clear
She was so near going to court going to appear
ready to do her time for the crime
She said she kicked a guy in the knee
But that was't really it you see
there was other things goin on
She did some other wrong
that she wouldn't talk about
Some stuff she didn't want to get out
She wouldn't open her mouth up
Too afraid to fess up
Stuff that was just too messed up
I don't know what happened
Her story would always change
Something stranger some hidden danger
Never told me twice the same
Always different facts different names
But I held her when she was cold
Hoping we have time to be together, to grow old
Together through good and bad weather
But it wasn't to be at least with me
So you see though we got together now and then
I knew I couldn't depend
on anything she said
Even when I almost died she never cried
Now don't get me wrong after I was gone
I don't blame her for none of that
I know people said she was no good
Something about her that I misunderstood
But I just liked her anyways
For the good times the good days
When I'd catch her off guard
Come up behind her
Say a word to her whisper "you look beautiful"
Nothing more than being truthful
I knew this was the last time I'd see her
Getting too dangerous I couldn't be with her
Too many people trying to put me down
Time for me to leave town
So I just let her walk away
So I could live another day
Sorry sis that's just the way life is

Hack you Again

"Hack you again" -- Sing to Miley Cyrus's "See you again." Written for Taylor A. Swift whose account got hacked -- lyrics in comment below.

I got my account hacked again and I'm really so pissed
I have a password now that will never be guessed
Knew you were up to something when you asked for my name
Now I can't wait to hack you again

I've got a way of knowing when something's not right
I feel you're collecting all the data on my life
Cuz i felt this IP connection when you pinged my site
Oh, i can't wait to hack you again

The last time I logged on, I kept getting kicked right out
I typed and typed wondering what the heck is this about
Like I couldn't see what the eff is wrong with me
My best friend Mandy said "Oh, poor security"
The next time I log on i will use caps and non ascii
My heart, it can't rest til then, oh woah woah
I can't wait to hack you again

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wish I had your life

Your song is just so beautiful it makes my heart just melt,
but is losing your last boyfriend all the pain you've ever felt?
Have you ever felt a butcher knife pressed up against your throat ,
stashed a knitting needle weapon in the lining of your coat?
Not ducked as loaded guns were pointed at your head,
laughed at the fools for only packing .22 cal lead.
You've probably known real love from parents who have souls,
they're not just posers who pretend to fulfil their roles.
Have you ever been set up when you're carrying an inner life
Had to face a jealous girl alone with just a kitchen knife .
Have you ever tried to say you saw her live the following day,
Just to see your dad shake his head, "those wounds were meant to slay"
Have you ever felt it's not your fault your hands are much too quick,
But they shouldn't think you're just another gutless pretty chick.
Have your parents used you time and time to pay the monthy rent,
and looked upon your body as a gift that heaven sent.
Have you even once been told that you are not to use the bath,
cause you didn't want to work this month, so now you face their wrath.
You're lucky not to be one that they sent last month to meet,
the man who helped them not be kicked out to the cold wet street.
Have you ever thanked your God, that Catholics never lie,
else when they say they love you, then that's when you'd really cry.
Your song is just so beautiful it makes my heart just melt,
But I'd trade it in a second for the life that I was dealt.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peter Principle of Relationships

No matter how beautiful/handsome, intelligent, rich, talented, and famous you are, if you really try you can always find someone who doesn't think you're good enough for them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true,

trying to reference a sessionvariable that hadn't been initialized yet. I was trying to referencethe session variable in one of my page's class constructor before theSession_Start function had been executed in the global.asax file

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't you need someone to love?

Just needing someone to love means you're an empty shell ..... needing to love the right someone means you're a person of discrimination and taste.

sql server management studio prevent option off

Go to Tools-> Options -> Designers -> Table and Database Designers
checkbox "Prevent saving changes that require table recreation"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Reporting Services Report Parameters

Find under Report->Report Parameters.

passing to subreports:
click on subreport, right click, select properties, go to parameters tab.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Renaming web site in asp .net Visual Studio

Just open up the .sln file in notepad, and change it there. The web.config file doesn't do anything.

Reporting Services

Http error 403 - trying to fix by
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> IIS --> Web Sites --> Default Web Site --> Report Server --> Properties --> ASP .NET tab --> Edit Configuration --> Application Settings - comparing to working site.

Will Lady Gaga and Miley determine the fate of the FB universe?.

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are the black holes of FB .... follow any friendship path and it leads to them. Though black holes have been called (little?) gravity monsters, they may be indispensable forces of creation -- fundamental forces in the development and ultimate shapes of galaxies and the stars within them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shai Woodley is in a relationship.

Shai Woodley is in a relationship.

Oh no...Shai is taken again
We'll try to refrain
From writing love notes so inane
(though some would say lame)
They don't make boyfriend's jealous,
But feel pity toward us fellas

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ashley is bored

Ashley F. Efron Bored :(
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poor ashley is bored
would it be untoward
if I gave you a surf board
as a teen choice award
for the girl with whipcord
abs? it's all I can afford

Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes Dear Shenae, [Finish This

Dear Shenae,
i hope you don't mind a
lot if I've kinda
got a litle crush i find ya
so cute .. can I wine and dine ya?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Principle: Data Independence

A program should function correctly regardless of the state of the database or the data inputs. "Correctness" means that it has anticipated and handles the error, or informs the user of the problem and exits in a pre-defined manner.

Simple LINQ Join Query ASP .NET C#

// Query.

var Found = from o in Orders
join c in Customers on o.CustomerID equals c.CustomerID
select new { c.Name, o.OrderID, o.Cost };

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Import Export Transport Save Data SQL Server 2005

Restarting/Stop/Start MS SQL Server

from command prompt:

:\Windows\system32>net stop mssqlserver

The SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is stopping.
The SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service was stopped successfully.

:\Windows\system32>net start mssqlserver
The SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is starting.
The SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service was started successfully.


changing SQL server authentication mode

changing authentication SQL Server 2005
select database in object explorer
right click
choose properties
choose security

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Publish/Deploy Web Site Visual Studio IIS

  1. Visual Studio: go to Build -> Build Website
  2. go to Build -> Publish Website
  3. note the Target Location
  4. Go to IIS, on my machine it is Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Services and Applications -> Internet Information Service
  5. Under "Connections" there is a tree-view. Right-click on "Sites". Choose "Add Web Site".
  6. From the Add Web Site Dialog, enter the site name, then Physical Path - same as the Target Locatoin from Step 3. (you can do these both at the same time and cut and paste)
  7. Enter the host name, e.g.
  8. After that, configure it the way you want .. depends on your preference and the application.

Resizing a window when bottom right corner is off-screen

Just right click, choose "size", then hover over another corner until you get the diagonal double-arrow resize cursor.

Actually, you don't need to right click and choose "size". You can resize from any corner in Windows 7.

I guess they just keep the item on the menu, because otherwise people would be phoning into ask "where did it go? how can I resize my screen?" :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Visual Studio Line Number - how to turn on

Visual studio produces error messages with line number references. Not very useful if you don't have line numbers in your text editor. Here's how to turn it on:

Basically, to go Tools->Options, then on the left tree control go into "Text Editing" and then either a "Al Languages" or your language branch. Then click on the general settings, and you can select "line numbering".

"I'm gong to delete myself!" -- common line on FB

I wish in real life people who deleted themselves could be reactivated

Sunday, August 1, 2010


you can tell me u love me a millon times
it doesn't mean anything - no reason no rhyme
i still don't think you mean it
you don't care even a litle bit
there's times you've said you really care
then done something to wear my heart bare
you know who you are
you think you're a star
some girls think you're hot
but you're not worth a thought

Shai (SHAE) Woodley ...

Shai Woodley My heart stops When you look at meJust one touch Now baby I believeThis is real So take a chance and Don't ever look back,
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a few extra lines ...

my heart stopswhen you look at me
i want to be with you so desperately
just one touch that too much
this is the way i feel
now baby i believe this is real
so take a chance and don't ever look back
to your former loves ...just stay on track

Love those shoes!

A relationship can be like a pair of expensive Italian shoes ... they look great, everyone admires you in them, and you really really want them ...but sometimes they just don't fit right.

Alexandra posted this:

Alexandra Crittenden ‎"here i go, ill tell you what you already know, here i go.. ill tell you what you already know... if you lovee meee. with all of your heart, if you love mee.. ill make you a star in my universe" :)
about an hour ago · Comment ·LikeUnlike

I commented:

i didn't know
that if i loved you
you'd make me a star
shine down from afar
Your eyes light a twinkle
would make my mouth crinkle
smile at all that you do
if i loved you
would you share the view
of your galaxy that was hidden
from my eyes ...i was bidden
to stay away from you
because they knewh
ow deeply i feel
afraid you would steal
the light from my day
when you went away

Brookelle is peeved

Brookelle McKenzie posted this status on her fb:

Brookelle Mckenzie Bitch please dont call me a fake. I know i am real, and i got people to back me up anytime(=And they are what i call, true friends(=♥

I filled in some extra lines, just in case she gets into a rap war with the other girl :)

Bitch please don't call me a fake
you have no idea what's at stake
i know i am real
that's just how i feel
and I got people to back me up anytime...
your baseless accusations are a crime
and they are what I call true friends
so you'd better get off or make amends

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tell me truly

Olga Orlova wrote this on her facebook wall:

Olga Orlova
Tell me whyAm I the one your heart belongs to, why me?
Tell me whyAm I the one who won a place in your heart, why me?
Tell me why do you love me, why is it me you want?

on Monday

I couldn't resist responding with:

Larry Watanabe Let me tryto Tell you why
My heart belongs to you
because you're the one to renew
my spirit each day
i love you in every way
that's why ..
i prayyou feel this way too
for you're the one
who has won
a place in my heart,
why you?
the reason i love you?
you're so true
in everything you do
that's why its you i wan
tthe last words you said haunt
my mind although it daunts
me to live up to all
i've just written on your wall :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Kate liked it

Kate Hudson posted this on her facebook account:

When I'm with you I feel like flying,
when I'm without you I feel like dying,
and now knowing you don't feel the same way I feel like crying

I added these lines:

you talked and teased me til I was smiling
you told me you cared but you were lying
why'd you play these games is it a guy thing?

Kate liked it :)

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DropDownList SelectedIndexChanged not firing

Edit the properties of the drop down list and set the AutoPostBack to true.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Facebook Account for Hanna Dakota Fanning

Hanna just created a new FB account and deleted her old one .. one of her friends was jealous of her or something. I wrote a piece of a song for her:

(modelled after Sheryl Crow's song )

Every day is a new account
I get a little bit of drama
the way people treat me is a crime
I get a little bit closer to deleting another time

Alway use a reaching assist

Lifeguard Instructor: "Always use a reaching assist even if it's just your bathing suit".

Me: "Why? That won't help me reach them!"

Lifeguard Instructor: "So you can let go if you have to."

You can't save everyone but life is full of suprises and people are stronger than you think. Sometimes when they realize they're on their own they start kicking their legs and make their way to shore.

Aside - were you told of the girl who whipped off her suit during the final exam? I think it's a lifeguard myth myself ... just curious if they're still telling it 30 years later.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hierarchical Data Repeater Asp .NET

I looked at a lot of information on hierarchical data display in asp .net. I had trouble with al of them except this one:

Finding a Good Relationship

Finding a good relationshp is like finding a good plum at the supermarket -- it's all about timing! But location also helps -- there are better plums at the farmer's market.

Monday, July 26, 2010

FindControl - Repeater problem - can't find repeater in context

/// Finds a Control recursively. Note finds the first match and exists

public static Control FindControlRecursive(Control Root, string Id)
if (Root.ID == Id)
return Root;

foreach (Control Ctl in Root.Controls)
Control FoundCtl = FindControlRecursive(Ctl, Id);
if (FoundCtl != null)
return FoundCtl;

return null;

with this the code becomes:

/// Assigns controls from the subclassed control to this instance so
/// we always can access the controls in our base class.

protected void AssignControls()
this.lblError = wwWebUtils.FindControlRecursive(this.Master,"lblError") as Label;
this.dgItemList = wwWebUtils.FindControlRecursive(this.Master, "dgItemList") as DataGrid;

Repeater name does not exist in current context

Try using the find control to find your repeater control and then proceed.

linq multiple join

this is a good article. Basically you need to make sure the types are the same, so cast if necessary.

FB msg: Are you the REAL Elvis Presley?

next time someone asks if you're real, just tell them "No, I'm just a figment of you're imagination."

Why do we love acting?

Why are humans good at acting? It's a skill that must have had some survival value Acting may be an expression of an adaptation mechanism that allows us to survive and thrive in situations where we don't currently fit.

Maybe acting and Stockholm Syndrome are two faces of the same coin.

Getting the ASP .NET CheckBox Value

I tried to figure this out on the net. There was a lot of info to wade through for such an easy question.

Short answer: just use the Checked property to set or get the value, e.g.

MyCheckBox.Checked = true;

bool val = MyCheckBox.Checked;

Friday, July 23, 2010

Visual Studio crashes on opening a solution .sln file

Here's a fix to the problem: delete the .suo files.

Long version:

My attempts to open solution included: (1) System hard and soft re-boots ; (2) Getting the latest version of the solution from Team Foundation Server; (3) Rolling back changes I had made; and (4) eliminating Visual Studio Add-ins such as Jet Brains Resharper (ver sion 4.5). None of these helped. Blog post and information I found on forums about this issue do not reveal a consistent resolution to the problem (with some folk even reinstalling Visual Studio 2008 and the service packs; others removing and adding references from projects; or removing and re-adding projects in the solution).

I deleted the *.sou file for the solution and I was up and running sans my break points and bookmarks. So maybe the .sou file had become corrupted or Visual Studio was not able to deal with some combination of the elements it stores. Who cares? I was going again! Hopefully this might serve as a quick first option to resolve the issue for those who encounter it

Just Friends

I'd rather be hated than "Just Friends" *shudder*

At least there'd be some passion there.

Starter Veggie Suggestions

I'm trying to figure out what a good "starter" vegetable would be.

Something low-maintenance, looks good, and tasty

...hmmm...if you have any girl friends like that, send them my way too!

You could grow ....

I live in an apartment ...someone told me "you could grow some weed in that spot there".

I don't see the sense in planting any dandelions but I've been thinking of secretly planting some artichokes there.

An infiinite world of possibilities

the world has infinite possiblities; what is your perception?

I can't wait for your full list, but let me know your top 5 :)

Facebook is Watching You

It's amazing how connected people are to fb these days. People post when they are going on/off line, when they're eating, etc.

What's next - a 24-hr multi-sensory monitoring system so you can experience everything another person does in virtual reality, with playback and search functions?

Search & replay: "all restroom trips by blonde supermodels in New York restaurants".

Poor Lindsay Lohan

Feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan ... sometimes beauty, fame, and money can be a curse.
If Lindsay was a nobody with no money, and butt-ugly to boot, I don't think she'd be have the resources to get herself into the kinds of problems she's in (probably couldn't afford a car, for starters).

Of course, then she'd have the problem of being a poor butt-ugly nobody :)


Learning "Layla" on the guitar.

Me: "Two guys each with millions of screaming groupies and they have to go for the same woman?."

Emily: "She must have been one SPECTACULAR woman" :)

Kento Watanabe - Composer

My son Kent's music:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adding Scrollbars to TextBox in ASP .NET

just outside the text box add this div tag in this

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Undelete file in Team Foundation Server TFS

You can undelete files/folders in TFS if that is what you want?

In Visual Studio, go to Tools, Options, Source Control, Team Foundation Server and check the "Show deleted items in Source Control Explorer" box. Then browse in source control explorer to the place where the project was located and you can undeleted it.

To make it appear in your solution you could then do a "Get Specific" on the project in Source Control Explorer, then right click on the solution and do "Add Existing Project..." to load the project from your local file system into Source Control Explorer.

Hope that helps - good luck,

Turning off anonymous authenticaion in IIS

How to configure IIS Web site authentication
Use an administrative account to log on to the Web server computer.
Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Services Manager.

The Internet Information Services snap-in starts.
In the console tree, click * computer name where computer name is the name of the computer.
Right-click one of the following items, and then click Properties:
To configure authentication for all Web content that is hosted on the IIS server, right-click * computer name.
To configure authentication for an individual Web site, right-click the Web site that you want.
To configure authentication for a virtual directory or a physical directory in a Web site, click the Web site that you want, and then right-click the directory that you want, such as _vti_pvt.
To configure authentication for an individual page or file in a Web site, click the Web site that you want, click the folder that contains the file or the page that you want, and then right-click the file or the page that you want.
On the Item Name Properties dialog box where Item Name is the name of the item that you selected, click the Directory Security tab.

NOTE: If the selected item is an individual file, click the File Security tab.
Under Anonymous access and authentication control, click Edit.
Click to select the Anonymous access check box to turn on anonymous access. To turn off anonymous access, click to clear this check box.

NOTE: If you turn off anonymous access, you need to configure some form of authenticated access.
To change the account that is used for anonymous access to this resource, click Edit next to Account used for anonymous access.
In the Anonymous User Account dialog box, click the user account that you want to use for anonymous access.
Click to clear the Allow IIS to control password check box if you want to use the Windows LogonUser() API for user authentication.

NOTE: By turning this password control option off, this forces IIS to use normal authentication and to log the account on locally. You should turn this option off if users experience difficulty accessing resources such as files or Microsoft Access databases on a network computer.
Click OK.
Under Authenticated access, click to select the Basic authentication (password is sent in clear text) check box to turn on basic authentication. When you receive the following message, click Yes:
The authentication option you have selected results in passwords being transmitted over the network without data encryption. Someone attempting to compromise your system security could use a protocol analyzer to examine user passwords during the authentication process. For more detail on user authentication, consult the online help. This warning does not apply to HTTPS (or SSL) connections.

Are you sure you want to continue?
To select a domain with which to authenticate users that are using basic authentication, click Edit next to Select a default domain.
Type the domain that you want in the Domain Name box, and then click OK.

Note If you are concerned about security on your intranet because Basic Authentication transmits user name and password information in clear text, you can use Basic authentication together with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Click to select the Digest authentication for Windows domain servers check box to use digest authentication. When you receive the following message, click Yes:
Digest authentication works with Windows 2000 domain accounts only and requires the accounts to store passwords as encrypted clear text.

Are you sure you wish to continue?
NOTE: You must configure user accounts with the Store password using reversible encryption account option turned on.
Click to select the Integrated Windows authentication check box to use integrated Windows authentication.

NOTE: This authentication method was formerly known as Microsoft Windows NT Challenge/Response or NT LAN Manager (NTLM).
Click OK, and then in the Item Name Properties dialog box, click OK. If the Inheritance Overrides dialog box opens:
Click Select All to apply the new authentication settings to all of the files or the folders that are within the item that you changed.
Click OK.
Quit Internet Information Services.

Detect Active Directory User with ASP.NET

In IIS turn off anonymous authentication mode and select integrated windows security and basic. Then in your web.config file make sure you are using windows authentication. Then you should be able to access the user name by using

PHP Code:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adding Existing Project to Team Foundation Server

It should work fine if you have Team Explorer installed and Check under Tools-->Options -->Source Control--> Plug-in Selection. Here you should have the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server as the current source control plug-in.

The other option is to add the files manually to source control. Open the source control explorer (View -> Other Windows -> Source Control) and the either drag 'n drop the files into the source explorer window, or choose the Add files button in the toolbar which will be available at left top in source control window.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Installing Adventureworks database in SQL Server 2005

It was hard to track down a useful reference for installing the AdventureWorks database - this one worked (almost). Just had to use regular SQL database, not sqlexpress, but that was easy to find by refreshing the database list.

Just in case the page disappears, copying here.

Walkthrough: Installing the AdventureWorks Database

This walkthrough shows how to install the AdventureWorks sample database for SQL Server 2005, which is a prerequisite for other walkthroughs provided in the ReportViewer documentation. AdventureWorks is not automatically installed with SQL Server or SQL Server Express, but can be downloaded from a Microsoft Web site. You can use the instructions provided in this walkthrough to download, install, and configure a connection to the AdventureWorks database.

The version of AdventureWorks that is distributed with SQL Server 2005 is different from earlier versions AdventureWorks. If you already have a previous version of AdventureWorks, you should install the most recent version so that the queries in other ReportViewer walkthroughs work as expected.

To learn more about using the AdventureWorks sample database, you can search for "AdventureWorks Sample OLTP Database" in SQL Server 2005 Books Online. Books Online is available in most editions of Visual Studio 2005. You can view it on MSDN at You can also download the "AdventureWorks OLTP Database Diagram" from


You must have a SQL Server instance installed for which you have permissions. If you installed SQL Server 2005 Express, the default instance name is (local)\sqlexpress. If you upgraded an MSDE instance to SQL Server 2005 Express, see the SQL Server Books Online topic "Upgrading MSDE to SQL Server Express".

The following steps describe how to download, save, attach, and configure the AdventureWorks database.

To download adventureworksdb.msi

1.Navigate to this download Microsoft Web site. Double-click AdventureWorksDB.msi.

2.Click Run and complete the installation wizard. AdventureWorks_Data.mdf and AdventureWorks_Log.ldf are copied to your SQL Server data directory. For SQL Server 2005 Express, the default is c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\.

To confirm your SQL Server data directory

1.Open a Visual Studio 2005 command window. From the Start menu, click All Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio Tools, Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt.

2.Open a connection to a local SQL Server Express instance by typing or copying the following command into the command line:

CopySQLCMD -S (local)\sqlexpress -E
3.Press Enter.

4.At the SQLCMD prompt, type or copy the following commands.

Copyselect physical_name from sys.database_files where name = 'master'
This query returns the location of the file master.mdf, confirming the SQL Server data directory where you will place the AdventureWorks database files.

To attach AdventureWorks to your SQL Server

1.At the SQLCMD 1> prompt, call the sp_attach_db stored procedure to attach the AdventureWorks database in the data directory determined in the previous step. The line below uses the default location for SQL Server 2005 Express. Edit the text as necessary to use the data directory confirmed in the previous steps. Type or copy and paste the following statement into the command window (the statement must not have line breaks).

Copyexec sp_attach_db @dbname=N'AdventureWorks', @filename1=N'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\AdventureWorks_Data.mdf', @filename2=N'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\AdventureWorks_log.ldf'
2.Type go.

3.Press ENTER. You may see a series of messages about converting and upgrading the database.

4.Type exit to close the command window.

To verify Adventureworks is attached

1.Open Visual Studio 2005. You do not need to open a project.

2.From the View menu, choose Server Explorer.

3.In the Server Explorer window, right-click on Data Connections and choose Add Connection. The Add Connection dialog box opens.

4.Confirm Data source is set to Microsoft SQL Server (SqlClient).

5.In the Server name textbox, enter (local)\sqlexpress.

6.In Log on to the server, choose your method of authentication.

7.In Select or enter a database name, expand the list of databases.

8.Select AdventureWorks.

9.Click the Test Connection button to confirm that you have connected to AdventureWorks successfully.

With a successful connection, you can right-click the data connection icon for AdventureWorks and select New Query to invoke a Query Expression window if you want to try out queries against this data source.

To configure AdventureWorks to work with Web server controls

1.Open a Visual Studio 2005 command window to run SQLCMD. You will use SQLCMD to grant access to the database and ASP.NET account.

On Windows Server 2003, the ASP.NET process used by the Web server control runs under NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE. On other Windows operating systems, the process runs under MACHINENAME\ASPNET.

If you installed SQL Server Express 2005, type or copy the following SQLCMD below to grant login authority to the service. Otherwise, you must specify the SQL Server instance you want to use in place of (local)\sqlexpress.

The following example works for Windows Server 2003 and must have no line breaks.

Copysqlcmd -E -S (local)\sqlexpress -Q "sp_grantlogin N'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'"
2.To grant access to AdventureWorks for this service, use the following command with no line breaks.

Copysqlcmd -E -S (local)\sqlexpress -d AdventureWorks -Q "sp_grantdbaccess N'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'"
3.To add this service to the owner role account for AdventureWorks, use the following command with no line breaks.

Copysqlcmd -E -S (local)\sqlexpress -d AdventureWorks -Q "sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', N'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'"
4.Close the command window.

5.You can confirm the configuration by successfully completing Walkthrough: Using a Database Data Source with the ReportViewer Web Server Control in Local Processing Mode.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

change password remote desktop windows xp

when in xp mode, can't use cntrl-alt-end.

Instead, go to cntrl panel, shared user names and passwords, and change it there.

Use mixture of upper/lower case and some numerics.

change password remote desktop windows xp

Probably works for other OS versions


Monday, April 19, 2010

Change PATH or environment variables from eclipse java

select project
go to project menu, select "properties"
select run/debug settings
select edit
select environmnet tab
select check off path
put in changes
select append environment to native environment

Sunday, January 24, 2010


1. Installing Subversion server from
2. Subversion book available online
3. Created repository - svnadmin was in PATH environment variable but couldnt' execute command so changed to subversion/bin directory to execute.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Computer

to get system on hp, hit cntrl-alt-s

Model #: a6614f
Product #: FK562AAR-ABA
Serial #: 3CW8391NNF
Software Build #: 84NAv6PrA3
Service ID #: 011-609
PCBRAND: Pavilion

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My programming setup - what I need

1. dual monitors, at least 21",

2. Comfortable high-back, leather chair - not an aerolon or other mesh-back imitator.

3. Nice set of monitor speakers.

4. Good keyboard - not too hard to press keys (slows me down). I prefer wired to wireless, as maybe it's just my cheap wireless equipment but sometimes it doesn't seem as responsive as wired.

5. Decent optical mouse - almost anything nowadays seems fine - I do remember back in the day having to open up the mouse and clean the crap off the innards.

6. Good printer within a few feet.

7. Good coffee making system nearby. By this I mean a setup with REAL milk, coffee that I can purchase and make rather than put up with company big pots.

8. Good lighting. I have a window, blinds, and 3 lamps in my room. Right now I don't need any lights - at night i might need 1 or 2, but from a particular direction. Sometimes I need the blinds to cut glare.

9. Well-stocked fridge. Doesn't need to be nearby - it IS good to get up and stretch your legs once in a while :)

10. Plants - for calming influence, and another excuse to get up and stretch your legs (they need misting).

11. A window, and natural light. Much less depressing. Also another good reason to stretch your legs (and back) - take a look outside once in a while.

12. Decent computer. Specs are meaningless, since they change all the time. Basically I go for a high-end system, selling at a medium system range cause it's refurbished from a big box store. People return systems to big box stores all the time, because of trivial reasons (they don't like the color, got it as a gift, etc. etc. - now they are used, basically all the cording has to be re-shrinkwrapped, but nothing is wrong with the system).

13. Headphones - for when the roommates are trying to sleep.

14. No one checking up on me :)

15. Telephone nearby. I have skype and cell.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Format Problem WD or Seagate 1.5TB Drive

I got a new 1.5TB Drive, and had problems formatting it. Running Windows Vista 64, HP Pavilion, AMD Quad Core.

Apparently the problem is with the nvdia chipset - the hp technician was able to give me the solution.


Mark : Larry, while researching I found that this is a known issue with Nvidia chipset.
Mark : They wont format the hard drive whose capacity is more then 1.1 TB.
Mark : This issue could be resolved by downloading and installing latest chipset drivers.
Mark : Larry, we have to download original latest chipset drivers that to from manufacturer that is from Nvidia website.
Mark : Please click on the below link and confirm me if you are in page with title "1.5TB (ST31500341AS) or larger SATA hard drive only showing 1.1TB capacity in Windows Vista [206391]"

Note: The above-mentioned URL will take you to a non-HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
Mark : Though the article is related to seagate hard drive but the issue and resolution is common for all the nvidia chipsets.
Mark : Good, just for your clarification go through the information you will have a clear idea about the issue that you are facing.
Mark : Now I will provide you a link from where we can download and install the latest chipset drivers.
Mark : Please click on the below link and confirm me if you are in page with title "nForce Driver"

Mark : After restarting connect the hard drive and format it.
Mark : By this time the issue that you are facing will be resolved.