Friday, August 14, 2009

What is the best and worst end of project reward you've ever received?

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The most memorable reward I've received for completing a project was a move to an office (I'm a little claustrophobic), in talking with other IT people, it's usually not monetary rewards that we value the most, it the feeling of successfully delivering something. What was the most important/motivational reward you've received and the least (the least important to me was a trophy). Perhaps the smart managers will find this list and use it.


My response:

My best reward - one time I asked Ross Quinlan "Why didn't you just make a relational version of decison trees instead of making a relational version of decision lists" since he is a well known expert on decision trees.
He didn't seem to come up with a good answer, so I did that as a personal project.
I got a trip to Sydney Australia ... met an incredibly beautiful and charming Yugoslavian woman there who begged me "Please don't forget me " ... got invited to Jason Catlett's house for dinner where Stuart Russell entertained us with jazz piano ... and had possibly the worst restaurant meal in my life with Haym Hirsh (African food) with the best company ... now THAT was probably the best reward for a project completed :)
I can't even remember her name, but I still remember the way she looked.

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