Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love Holloween

This is for my friend Mark Landsberg :)

Mark -- you don't like me calling it "Holloween"?

the day for phantoms, goblins and creatures unseen?

You say that "hallow" not "hollow" is the appropriate name

I think "hollow's an appropriate term just the same

Cause there's lots of "hollow about the october's end

Pumpkins, chocolate witches, and stomach's on the mend,

So if you feel that "holloween" is difficult to swallow,

Like an overly sweet chocoate coated marshmallow,

Wash it down with a grin and a spicy apple cider,

glass of brandy, or rum, whichever you decide, sir.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I could use a wish right now

I love Hayley Wiliams voice ... and I was listening to "Airplanes" but thinking that he doesn't really need a wish that badly :) So I wrote this.

You don't need a wish cause your rap game is slow
You need a wish when you've got no where to go
No place to turn to and the heat's on you
You've lost your friends and your love for true

You're complaining now cause your life is too soft
You're forgetting what you were, what you've lost and the cost
You haven't lost anything but the suffering and pain
Why you want to remember living on the street in the rain?

If you remember that, you'll remember you don't need a wish
You live in a mansion, beautiful wife who's a dish
You don't want to go back to the life that you left
Or remembering the taste of fear as you fled

So you've lost the music came from the pain and the fears
Now your words have no feel don't leave anyone in tears
But don't reminisce about the good days gone past
If they were so good then why'd you flee so fast

Let the airplanes fly on high fly right on by
Leave the wishes for others whose life is a cry
For help no one answers or cares anyhow
But they really could use a wish now, wish right now

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who you are

i know who you are,
you're my superstar
you can become anything
become anyone
you've got that chameleon groove going
you're my perfect girl
put my head in a whirl
i fulfil your needs
continue to succeed
but we both know the truth
the truth is a lie
words we live by
but the lie becomes the truth
and the truth becomes moot
you fake it for me
perfect girl that you be
and i know it
you bestow it
with deception and faking it
you know you're not taking it
that i'm drawing you in
with a simulation of sin
but the more you fake it
the more you become it
and you know it
and i'm hoping
that you're hoping
that you'll become it for real
we're both going by feel
i want to see you this weekend
you want me to come in
do the things unbelievable
things inconceivable
we'll continue to try
til one of you dies