Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who you are

i know who you are,
you're my superstar
you can become anything
become anyone
you've got that chameleon groove going
you're my perfect girl
put my head in a whirl
i fulfil your needs
continue to succeed
but we both know the truth
the truth is a lie
words we live by
but the lie becomes the truth
and the truth becomes moot
you fake it for me
perfect girl that you be
and i know it
you bestow it
with deception and faking it
you know you're not taking it
that i'm drawing you in
with a simulation of sin
but the more you fake it
the more you become it
and you know it
and i'm hoping
that you're hoping
that you'll become it for real
we're both going by feel
i want to see you this weekend
you want me to come in
do the things unbelievable
things inconceivable
we'll continue to try
til one of you dies

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