Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tell me truly

Olga Orlova wrote this on her facebook wall:

Olga Orlova
Tell me whyAm I the one your heart belongs to, why me?
Tell me whyAm I the one who won a place in your heart, why me?
Tell me why do you love me, why is it me you want?

on Monday

I couldn't resist responding with:

Larry Watanabe Let me tryto Tell you why
My heart belongs to you
because you're the one to renew
my spirit each day
i love you in every way
that's why ..
i prayyou feel this way too
for you're the one
who has won
a place in my heart,
why you?
the reason i love you?
you're so true
in everything you do
that's why its you i wan
tthe last words you said haunt
my mind although it daunts
me to live up to all
i've just written on your wall :)

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