Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alexandra posted this:

Alexandra Crittenden ‎"here i go, ill tell you what you already know, here i go.. ill tell you what you already know... if you lovee meee. with all of your heart, if you love mee.. ill make you a star in my universe" :)
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I commented:

i didn't know
that if i loved you
you'd make me a star
shine down from afar
Your eyes light a twinkle
would make my mouth crinkle
smile at all that you do
if i loved you
would you share the view
of your galaxy that was hidden
from my eyes ...i was bidden
to stay away from you
because they knewh
ow deeply i feel
afraid you would steal
the light from my day
when you went away

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  1. this is so beautiful. I like it ery much.
    greetings Sandra