Sunday, February 13, 2011

Media Sync Problem on Blackberry

I tried to use the "Media Sync" on the Blackberry Desktop software and got an error

Media Services are Not Available.

You need to turn on mass storage mode from the connected Blackberry device to use this feature. This may require you to reconnect your device.

Here's a link on the blackberry site for a fix.

In theory, yes. But when the device reset, and I clicked on "Media Sync", I once again got the "Media Services are Not Available" message. Maybe next time I'll get a Nokia or Samsung (IPhones are cool but way outside my budget until I get off my contract).

The article then says to go to Microsoft Support and look up KB 297694. This has a hotfix -- for Windows XP only. I've got Windows 7. And the "Contact Us" link doesn't actually have any specific category for technical issues - only one for non-technical issues, instructions to contact your manufacturer, or specific categories (like IPhone) that aren't related.

Now I'm not only getting the runaround within a company, they are coordinating their runaround strategies to send me to another companie's runaround department.

Someone suggested just going back to version 5.0. Having worked in this industry, I can guess what happened: the guy who wrote the software and understood it moved on to another job, within or outside the company, and the new programmers are being managed according to the latest approach (structured programming? agile? foobarius?) and no one really knows how the software works.

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