Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Societies and Good Government

I wrote a letter to my daughter Anne and had a few thoughts about free societies that have been running through my head. There were some further thoughts about how to structure self-adapting software at a higher level than neural networks in terms of a free society of software agents whose "government" can be setup to incentivize them realize the programming good.

Once I've got this paradigm down, I'll move to the God paradigm, where you create a universe where the software agents are incentivized to realize a more general program goal. I'll have to develop the ideas further, but so far the most promising approach seems to involve the design patterns "free will", "heaven", and "hell" :)


was just thinking today about how one of our strengths is that we are a free society and that it works because it's structured so that if everyone does what they want then they fulfil the needs of the society. And how money is just a way of keeping track so that each person contributes their share to society ... and that entitles them to share in the contributions of others. But it doesn't work if people cheat .. for example, if they steal money then that money does not represent their contribution to society.

I was also thinking about the mechanisms for change in society .. in a democracy, we elect our government which keeps it in line. Regardless of whether we get Conservatives or Liberals, Republicans or Democrats, we still end up with a pool of intelligent, hard-working reasonably ethical people to direct our collective work. That's why I think political corruption such as trading favors and contracts for campaign contributions etc. is such a problem ... because of the theft issue above, and how it attracts the wrong people to steer the direction of our government.

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