Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Restoring an image to a different computer

1. Try to have the new c: drive the same size or bigger than the original image.
2. install the windows cd
3. format the c: drive to the correct size.
4.boot up with your norton cd, or image for dos/linux, this is what I use.
5. Restore image.
6. Do not boot up to windows now!!
7. Install Windows cd and reboot.
8. Enter recovery console.
9. Do a fix boot (fixboot)
10. Do a fixmbr
11. This is optional if you have trouble, you may not need to do this:
Do a Bootcfg /rebuild
Type in "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition", if this is your platform.
/fastdetect (fastdetect)
You will have to find out more info on this as I am a little pressed for time. You might have to delete c:\boot.ini file first.

12 Reboot to cd
13 Install new XP (enter)
14 Repair existing Windows installation. (R)
*important otherwise you will lose everything and install a new installation. All this does is install windows over windows with the correct drivers for your system.
15. Let it reboot and pray.
16 Reactivate.

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