Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why I'm writing this blog -- my daughter g

I'm not sure why ... I suppose I have a dream. I have a daughter who I may never meet again, although I think of her every day. I can't be there for her, and maybe she will grow up happy and blissfully ignorant of my existence. Perhaps if she knew who I was, she wouldn't have any interest in meeting me or getting to know me better.

But if she does, then maybe this blog will be around to give her some idea of who I am, and perhaps if genetics has something to do with who she is, some idea of who she is, or might be, or might have been.

I'm sure Google is going to survive. And there are archival systems setup - I'm sure that either now or later someone is going to be able to make a time machine of the internet, so that you can visit the internet on any particular day, surf the web, see the posts. It's what scholars will be doing in the future -- how much easier than digging out notes on napkins from some obscure attic. The internet is a big enough space and changes enough over time that this should be enough to keep them busy ... unless Google or someone can create a really good search engine that can do this work automatically. Still, it is an interative process ... I'm getting way off track here, time for another post on this :)

Anyways, I'd like her to be able to meet me, even if I can never meet her. If you read this, Gracie, I love you.

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