Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wish I had your life

Your song is just so beautiful it makes my heart just melt,
but is losing your last boyfriend all the pain you've ever felt?
Have you ever felt a butcher knife pressed up against your throat ,
stashed a knitting needle weapon in the lining of your coat?
Not ducked as loaded guns were pointed at your head,
laughed at the fools for only packing .22 cal lead.
You've probably known real love from parents who have souls,
they're not just posers who pretend to fulfil their roles.
Have you ever been set up when you're carrying an inner life
Had to face a jealous girl alone with just a kitchen knife .
Have you ever tried to say you saw her live the following day,
Just to see your dad shake his head, "those wounds were meant to slay"
Have you ever felt it's not your fault your hands are much too quick,
But they shouldn't think you're just another gutless pretty chick.
Have your parents used you time and time to pay the monthy rent,
and looked upon your body as a gift that heaven sent.
Have you even once been told that you are not to use the bath,
cause you didn't want to work this month, so now you face their wrath.
You're lucky not to be one that they sent last month to meet,
the man who helped them not be kicked out to the cold wet street.
Have you ever thanked your God, that Catholics never lie,
else when they say they love you, then that's when you'd really cry.
Your song is just so beautiful it makes my heart just melt,
But I'd trade it in a second for the life that I was dealt.

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