Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hack you Again

"Hack you again" -- Sing to Miley Cyrus's "See you again." Written for Taylor A. Swift whose account got hacked -- lyrics in comment below.

I got my account hacked again and I'm really so pissed
I have a password now that will never be guessed
Knew you were up to something when you asked for my name
Now I can't wait to hack you again

I've got a way of knowing when something's not right
I feel you're collecting all the data on my life
Cuz i felt this IP connection when you pinged my site
Oh, i can't wait to hack you again

The last time I logged on, I kept getting kicked right out
I typed and typed wondering what the heck is this about
Like I couldn't see what the eff is wrong with me
My best friend Mandy said "Oh, poor security"
The next time I log on i will use caps and non ascii
My heart, it can't rest til then, oh woah woah
I can't wait to hack you again

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