Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Way life is

I gave her my hoodie to wear
to show that I care
But her cousin dropped bleach on it
couldn't stand the sight of it
Nothing good enough for my girl
but that someone wants to tear it down
Her cousin always shared as if she cared
but who called the cops on her
the night before she was going to come clear
She was so near going to court going to appear
ready to do her time for the crime
She said she kicked a guy in the knee
But that was't really it you see
there was other things goin on
She did some other wrong
that she wouldn't talk about
Some stuff she didn't want to get out
She wouldn't open her mouth up
Too afraid to fess up
Stuff that was just too messed up
I don't know what happened
Her story would always change
Something stranger some hidden danger
Never told me twice the same
Always different facts different names
But I held her when she was cold
Hoping we have time to be together, to grow old
Together through good and bad weather
But it wasn't to be at least with me
So you see though we got together now and then
I knew I couldn't depend
on anything she said
Even when I almost died she never cried
Now don't get me wrong after I was gone
I don't blame her for none of that
I know people said she was no good
Something about her that I misunderstood
But I just liked her anyways
For the good times the good days
When I'd catch her off guard
Come up behind her
Say a word to her whisper "you look beautiful"
Nothing more than being truthful
I knew this was the last time I'd see her
Getting too dangerous I couldn't be with her
Too many people trying to put me down
Time for me to leave town
So I just let her walk away
So I could live another day
Sorry sis that's just the way life is

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